October is internationally recognized as Cybersecurity awareness month which calls for an opportunity to raise fresh ideas and conversations around Cybersecurity.

With the escalating volume of threats from cyber-attacks all around the world, it is not surprising that cybercrime can not only access sensitive customer and financial information but also can result in hefty financial loss and do irreparable damage to a firm’s reputation. So, every firm needs to have the best protection against such cyberattacks.

Hence, given below are the guides and resources being shared by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) that will help you to protect all your information from cyber criminals.

Update your devices and applications

Cybercriminals hack devices by using known weaknesses in systems or apps; updating the devices and application are one of the strongest defenses, and it can fix and address new security concern; you can turn on automatic updates so that this happens without your input.

Turn on multi-factor authentication

Having multi-factor authentication (MFA) gives you an extra layer of security, and having two or more authentication factors increases your cyber security. It makes it harder for someone to access your account; MFA options can include a physical token, random pin, or fingerprint.

Set up backups:

Back up your data by saving copies of your files to an external storage device, or an online server like the cloud. So that it can restore the information if something goes wrong. Setting up automatic back-up in the system or application means it will not have to remember to manually back up devices regularly.

Source: cyber.gov.au/