Technology Solutions & Automation

Carisma Solutions envisions rapidly building software products and solutions that augment Ideation, Client Support, Productivity, Quality Management, Turnaround, Client Engagement, and Client Self-Service Solutions.


Technology Solutions & Automation

We build products and solutions such as Desktop Apps, Cloud Apps and Mobile Apps. Our technology solutions enable clients to transform and manage business processes, build new solutions and workflow automation. Our solutions are focused on enhancing IT resilience, making technology a key differentiator for client experience and service delivery. We continue to deepen our engagements with software vendors and others in our ecosystem to help our clients have access to better solutions for their success.

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions can assist in automating business processes in the following areas:

  • 1. High transaction volume and routine processes
  • 2. Standardized processes, decision-making based on rules
  • 3. Slowly changing processes that could lead to different handling of procedures
Ideation & Presentation
Prototypes and Click
Learning Management System
Job Management Solution
ERP Solutions
Self - Service Portals

Platforms & Technology

Center Of Excellence ( COE )

Develop skills and build best practices in international accounting, accounting automation, financial planning and technology. Build solutions to increase productivity and security for accounting (KPO).

Evolve client relationship management framework to build strategic business alignment and long term partnership.

The COE runs fresher’s training, deep skills training, leadership training and Special Interest Group.

   Scale your business
   Acquire new clients
   across verticals
   Increase Client face time
   Change Management

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